Nov 21 2017

Living in a Small House Has Big Benefits


Small house big benefits


At Manor Build, our new homes range from 43-140sqm which are more compact than the country’s average sized new home at 218 sqm. With our factory-built homes, we need to be able to transport the house when it’s complete so size plays a big role in that. We definitely don’t think a small house is bad thing though and here’s why…


Big Benefits of Small Houses


downsize property


Lower Cost to Build.


This one is simple, you aren’t using as many materials and it takes less time to build so overall the costs are much cheaper. (Unless you go completely high end with finishes of course.)


Lower Cost to Insure.


Again, the repair and rebuild costs are not as high on a small house so your insurance rates will be proportionately lower.


A Smaller Mortgage.


With lower build costs, you won’t need to borrow as much to build it. That means you could have a shorter timeframe to being mortgage free! And as interest rates fluctuate, you’ll have less risk of being stretched financially.


Lower Property Taxes.


A small house will be valued less than a larger house on the same section so this means it’ll also cost you less on your annual rates.


Easier to sell.


When you are ready for a change, a small house is more affordable to a wider range of buyers and investors so your market to re-sell is wider.


Easier maintenance.


A small house is easier to maintain because there’s less of it to manage. With fewer windows, keeping them clean is quicker. If you want to paint in ten years, that’s quicker to do as well.


We love the houses we build and our clients enjoy the quality finishes, short build time and friendly staff they deal with during the build. If you aren’t sure whether a compact home is for you, give us a call and we can discuss which plan might suit you best.

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