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Living in a Small House Has Big Benefits

21st November 2017

    At Manor Build, our new homes range from 43-140sqm which are more compact than the country’s average sized new home at 218 sqm. With our factory-built homes, we need to be able to transport the house when it’s complete so size plays a big role in that. We definitely don’t think a small house […]

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

08th October 2017

    We all know that kitchens are the core of most homes. The centre of meals and usually home to charging devices, family calendars and all the incoming mail and notices from school. The key to managing all of its functions efficiently is a well-though out design.   At Manor Build, we work with […]

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Benefits of a Prefab Home Over a Kitset Home

24th September 2017

    Are you looking at your options for building a new home? If you have a section, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If your budget is for a small home, it’s like that a custom-designed home is not the option you’re considering. Some of the simplest options are prefab homes […]

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Property Downsizing: What Are My Options?

31st July 2017

    When you get near retirement age, you are always considering what your day-to-day life will look like. There are so many changes happening – to income, to family – that you might not immediately think about where you will live. When your children move into their own homes, you may feel like your house […]

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Our Visit with the Prime Minister

17th July 2017

    We recently hosted Prime Minister Bill English and Jonathan Young, the MP for New Plymouth on a tour of our workshop. Yes, the Prime Minister came for a visit! He was in Taranaki and we were lucky enough to have him come by.     A Tour of Our Workshop   There was […]

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Why are Transportable Homes so Cost Efficient?

10th July 2017

    In the current climate where talk of house prices is as common as talk of the weather, everyone is wondering if they will ever be able to live in their dream home. Building quality pre-fabricated homes is our specialty. But doing so at a reasonable cost really makes us feel proud of what we […]

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Design & Colour Trends for 2017

26th June 2017

    A brand new home means that you can make all of the choices, right down to the colour of the walls. Does the sound of designing the colour palette feel a bit daunting though? We aren’t all colour experts so it can be!   At Manor Build we are with you every step […]

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Is Property a Safe Investment?

19th June 2017

    As highlighted in Auckland over the last several years, property values can climb steadily year-on-year. In this case, prices skyrocketed 85% since 2012. In fact, six other regions in New Zealand have seen double digit increases too. Considering another investment option, such as Kiwisaver, would you expect to see double digit returns? Probably […]

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6 Hazards of Living in an Older Home

12th June 2017

      People choose older houses for many reasons. Some like the character of designs from a time long ago. It might be located exactly where you want to live. Or it might be, simply, that the price is right.   However, with older homes comes the potential for hazards. There are visible and […]

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The Myth of Square Metre Rates

06th June 2017

  Measuring the cost of a home by the cost per square metre is not a reliable, nor helpful measurement. Why is that? There are numerous variables that come into play with a new home. These mean that judging it by a square metre rate is not always an accurate reflection of what’s inside.   […]

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