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Eco-friendly and Sustainable Building: Have You Thought of a Transportable Home?

24th April 2017

    If you’re looking to have a house built but your eco-conscious side keeps suggesting you buy an existing home, it’s time to consider a transportable home. There are many benefits to this style of building and many of them are also good to the environment too!   Why a Transportable House is an […]

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The Health Benefits of Living in a New Home

18th April 2017

    Does your home affect your health? Do you believe that where you live can have an impact on your health and well-being – for better or worse?   Radio National recently reported that research showed retrofitting older houses with insulation prevented one death for every 1000 homes insulated. Now imagine what happens when you […]

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Tips to Downsize Your House

10th April 2017

    If you are one of the 711,200 people in New Zealand that are aged 65-plus, you may be considering how to downsize your living arrangements. Unless you’ve already made the move to a smaller dwelling! The Ministry of Social Development indicates that by the year 2046, those aged over 65 years will nearly […]

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Downsizing Housing for Baby Boomers

04th April 2017

    Are you an empty-nester thinking of downsizing? Is the house just a little quieter than it used to be? There are lots of changes happening with baby boomers in their households – children moving out, grandchildren arriving, and managing all of the emotions that come along with these events.   Is it time […]

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